June 13, 2021
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The Price of Video Games going up high in China

The price of video games in China has been soaring up in China. Those video games are include in SONY Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Customers in China could not find video games in big mall, neither there are any video games shop like Gamestop in China. People buy video games from online or small game shops.

However, recent years, the price of video games is keep going up in China. In 2016, an average price for a PS4 or Xbox One game is about $40, now the price hits up to $50. 

The video game price was lower compare to what it is in America, and it looks like normal after price going up. So what is going on? Due to the strict policy on video gaming and internet censorship in China, many video games could not be sale in China. Many video games are going to underground market. They sold by online retailers or private sellers. Most video games get in China from HongKong market. Some middle-men is up for bigger profit so they would bring video games into China illegally. That could help them to skip heavy tariff from Chinese customs.

Following the trade war between China and the U.S. Chinese customs has changed some policies as well as the shipping rates in China. This could be a major reason why the cost of video games soaring in China.


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